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Parking Garage at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Parking Garage - Hourly, Daily & Weekly Parking
Min Rate: $2.00 per half-hour
Daily Maximum: $17.00
Weekly Maximum: $85.00
Maximum vehicle height is 8'0"
No additional taxes or fees on our posted rates

The Parking Garage is weather protected and provides convenient access to the Terminal via an enclosed pedestrian walkway.

Accessible Parking - Any motor vehicle carrying a special license plate or valid hanging windshield placard (issued to a person with a walking disability under RSA 261:88, or a similar license plate displaying the international accessibility symbol) shall be allowed 24-hours free parking in the airport parking garage or any airport-operated surface parking lot.

For more information about parking at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, please contact National Garages, Inc. at 603-641-5444.